Welcome To Knownly

Knownly helps you to communicate in groups without compromising your phone number and email ID.

Knownly completely reduces the effort to collect phone numbers of group members.

    Knownly features:
  • Send updates, photos. Add your contacts to groups
  • Find new groups, friends
  • Stay updated on groups of your interests
  • If you feel that a group is spamming, just exit it with one click
  • Create a group for your near and dear ones and start communicating
  • For example a teacher can create a group for her class, and all the students follow the group or create a group for parents
  • An HR person can broadcast important information to all employees

    For Broadcasters:
  • A broadcaster can add members, send messages from desktop as well
  • If target audience does not have smart phone then you can also enable SMS feature to send message as SMS to non Knownly users in your group with just one click
  • Member addition has been never been so easy, it is just one click away. No upper limit on member count
  • Groups can be public, private, one way and strict one way
  • Private group - only group owner can add members
  • One way group - if group owner sends message, it goes to all. Other members' message is visible to owner only and not to all members
  • Strict one way group - only group owner can send messages
  • Misscall Feature - Your target audience give a miss call to your dedicated phone number, and they just get added to your group. Now you send message, it goes to all either on Knownly and SMS(provided you have enabled SMS feature)
  • SMS Keyword Feature - Your audience send a SMS to your number with specific keyword, and they get added to your various groups depending on the keyword


  • Create a group for your friends, fellow classmates
  • Discuss, broadcast, chat on the go
  • Ask about movies, videos, latest happenings

  • Create a group for your class and add all the students in it
  • Send important updates such as schedule change, assignments, quiz etc. for free
  • Students can discuss about class matters on the phone

  • Create a group for a department or a team
  • Broadcast important notifications such as income tax date, holidays, well wishes, concerns etc for free
  • Keep your employees updated on latest trends on the go
  • Notify your sales personnel about policy change on the field

    Value for money:
  • Follow a group, where you are planning for your next purchase
  • Stay updated on their offerings
  • Make a purchase when you find the best offer

How To Use

Download the app from google play store

Install and register with your name and phone number

Create a your own group and add your friends in it

About Us

We are a team of Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode passouts. We are trying hard to contribute our little to this world.

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